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The neighbourhood team

We have seven neighbourhood coordinators, each with a responsibility for several areas. The neighbourhood coordinators will spend about 70% of their time out and about - working with you on a day to day neighbourhood management and community projects.

You will have a dedicated neighbourhood coordinator for your area, but the team will work together, so you will get to meet all our coordinators over time.

The team are out and about and looking forward to meeting you.

What the Neighbourhood Team will do

Through your neighbourhood coordinators, we'll be able to give you much more locally-focused services and information. Being mobile will help the team build strong links with you and your community. They will:

  • Carry out regular estate inspections and follow up on identified actions
  • Monitor work carried out by our contractors
  • Carry out new tenant sign-ups and follow up tenancy visits
  • Support and develop community initiatives and resident groups

We'll keep your notice boards up to date with information about when the coordinators are in your area, dates of estate inspections, local information and community messages.

As your local neighbourhood coordinators will be out and about in the community most of the time, please look out for them and have a chat.

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