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Troublesome trees

We get a lot of enquiries from concerned residents about trees in the local area, often when a tree looks unstable. Using the 'Check a tree' tool below, you can now check whether a tree belongs to us or not, and check it's inspection date.

We are lucky enough to have a fantastic range of trees of various species. Some are newly planted but others are veteran or even ancient. These old trees are home to bats, squirrels, birds and insects and need to be looked after.

We inspect all the trees on our communal land and the tree survey data is updated as inspections take place throughout the year.

Troublesome trees

With help from residents, we are on the look out for suspect trees in danger of becoming overgrown, falling or leaning precariously or creating a hazard for members of the public. Complete the below form or let us know on 0300 123 2221 (select option 2) if you are aware of any trees like this so that we can come and carry out an inspection.

Due to year round bad weather and in particular the storms in early 2014, many of the trees in rear gardens have become unstable. We dealt with a vast number of calls last year from concerned residents. Now the storms are well behind us, we want to continue this work, and hope to hear from you if you're concerned about any of your trees in your gardens, so that we can come and assess the situation.

We are calling this, our Tree Amnesty!

Under the current terms of our tenancy agreements, residents would have responsibility for those areas associated with tree works and inspections. However, we have many residents who may not have planted these trees and also may not have the money to deal with what's there.

During this amnesty, we will come and inspect any trees which residents make us aware of, and also pay for the removal cost if needed. Just complete the below form or contact us on 0300 123 2221 and select option 2.

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