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Paragon Asra Housing goes live

2017 - April, News and events

Paragon Community Housing Limited amalgamated with asra Housing Association Limited and Leicester Housing Association Limited on 13 April 2017 to create Paragon Asra Housing Limited.

Paragon Treasury Plc remains as a wholly owned subsidiary of the new organisation.

Dilip Kavi, Chief Executive, said “The political and economic environments have become extremely challenging, and this amalgamation provides an opportunity to unlock capacity to build additional homes, together with extracting efficiencies to further improve services. The asset base consisting of 24,000 homes will enable the organisation to cope better with external challenges.  This is a very exciting phase for the new Board, Executives and 600 colleagues to make a positive difference for our customers”.

Our residents have been involved in the process from the start and we are writing to them all, to give further information on this change. Our focus will still be on our residents and they can rest assured that their services will continue as usual during and after the changes to our companies. 

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