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Universal Credit and you. How we can help

2017 - October, News and events

As Universal Credit continues to expand across the country, you might become a Universal Credit (UC) claimant. Making a claim for UC should be a straightforward process and most people find it quite easy to make the on-line claim but, we are aware that some of our residents might need some help to make their claim and we can help.

We have a dedicated Financial Inclusion Team whose job is to help residents overcome any obstacles that might interfere with the long-term residency and enjoyment of their home.

That includes making sure tenants receive all the benefits they are entitled to, and even securing back-dated payments if they are due.

In the past year the team has assisted more than 500 people and secured in excess of £1. 1million in backdated and unpaid benefits for our customers.

One of the biggest threats to a tenant’s ability to manage is when benefits are stopped or cut, and tenants do not know what to do next.  Debts mount quickly and before long they can face eviction for rent arrears.

The introduction of Universal Credit had reportedly caused great hardship in some cases. Fears have been so high that a debate was held in Parliament over whether the roll-out should be stopped, but MPs decided to continue with it.

If you have recently moved on to UC, or you will soon be going on to it, and you have any concerns, contact our team.

Email   or phone 0300 123 2221 and we will do all we can to help you.

You can find our more by visiting out Money, benefits and training section:

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