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Team shortlisted for national ASB award

2017 - October, News and events

Our Tenancy Solutions Team at Case House has been shortlisted for a prestigious award for its work in tackling antisocial behaviour. The group is one of three in line to win the Resolve National ASB Award for Team of the Year.       


The award is for a group or team that has provided an exceptional service in resolving ASB within an identified neighbourhood. They must show they have worked together to achieve shared goals, and demonstrate measurable results.                                                                                                    

Among the team’s successes in the past year:

  • - Opened and resolved 580 anti-social behaviour cases
  • - Reduced court proceeding costs by £97,000 through management of surrender of tenancy
  • - Reduced vehicle removal costs by £33,000 through proactively engaging with owners
  • - Achieved 90% customer satisfaction rate
  • - Introduced the dedicated Noise App – with 159 active users
  • - Supported 26 mental health cases - proactively working with partner agencies to support residents either to move to more appropriate housing or engage with support services
  • - Assisted police on 5 partial closures and 2 full closures to protect vulnerable customers
  • - Supported police in obtaining 2 Criminal Behaviour Orders
  • - Used Absolute Grounds for Possession, resulting in 3 possessions
  • - Used Anti-social Behaviour Injunction powers to obtain 10 injunctions
  • - Managed 62 reports of fraud resulting in possession of 6 properties
  • - Managed 18 succession requests, 5 of which resulted in evictions
  • - Managed 50 domestic abuse cases which resulted in 6 management transfers
  • - Managed 49 hoarding cases by working with partner agencies and looking at long-term solutions to resolve
  • - Attended 46 child protection meetings
  • - Attended over 150 multi-agency and emergency meetings


“I am so proud of my team, they are all so dedicated to supporting our residents and despite dealing with some of the most difficult situations they always keep positive and smiling. We are a really strong team and if we win, it will be amazing and something for us to celebrate.  They are the best!”

Sharon Butler; Tenancy Solutions Manger

The RESOLVE ASB Awards are the UK’s leading awards for effective practice in tackling antisocial behaviour.

The winners will be announced on the 14 November 2017


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