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Your service charge

Your service charge is the monthly or quarterly charge you pay for cleaning, lighting, maintaining and decorating the shared areas of your property. We share the costs between everyone in your block or development.

What sort of things are included?

  • Everyday repairs to shared areas like hallways, stairs or the main structure of your building
  • Maintaining the gardens
  • Maintaining and servicing lifts and pumps
  • Cleaning the shared areas of your property – windows, stairs and hallways
  • Your buildings insurance
  • Central heating and hot water – if you have a shared system
  • Communal TV or satellite systems

Your lease contains more details of your service charge and what it covers.

Reserve Funds

We use some of your service charge to maintain your property’s reserve fund. We use this to help cover the cost of major maintenance and repairs - replacing a roof or all the windows in the block, for example.

*Reserve funds are also known as sinking or CERF funds, depending on where you live. It's all the same thing.

Worried about paying your service charge?

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