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Repairs and maintenance

We'll repair and maintain the shared areas of your development - like the hallways, corridors, stairs and outside spaces. If yours is a new home, your developer will be responsible for fixing any problems before the end of the defects period. You'll need to look after any maintenance or repairs inside your property.

Major maintenance

If we need to do major repairs or maintenance to your development or block, we'll write to let you know, tell you how much the work will cost and consult you. There is more information on major maintenance here or you can find lots more information by searching for "Section 20 notice" on the web.

Report a repair Grounds maintenance

Prioritising communal repairs for homeowners

Learn more about how we prioritise different types of repair and what your responsibilities are.

  • Emergency repairs

    A permanent or temporary repair will be completed within 24 hours of being reported. Emergency repairs include:

    • Total loss of electric power to communal areas
    • An unsafe power supply, lighting socket or electrical fitting (which we are responsible for)
    • Total loss of lighting in shared areas
    • A communal tap which can’t be turned off
    • Water leaking from a communal heating pipe, water tank or cistern
    • A burst water pipe within a shared area
    • Loose or detached banisters or handrails in shared areas
    • Boarding up windows in communal areas
  • Routine repairs

    A permanent repair will be completed within 21 calendar days of being reported. Routine repairs include:

    • Partial loss of electrical power in communal areas
    • Partial loss of lighting in shared areas
    • Loss of communal heating at any time between May and October
    • Blocked gutters and down pipes
    • Broken timber floors or stair tread in shared areas
    • Failure of entry phone
    • An insecure communal door or lock
    • Jammed communal doors

    *Please note: calendar days includes weekends and public holidays.

Rights and responsibilities

Depending on the exact location of a problem or issue within your property, it may be your responsibility to take care of.

  • You are responsible for...
    • Insuring the contents of your home
    • Replacing or repairing items installed or fitted by you (unless we have written to say that we accept responsibility)
    • Keeping the inside of your home well decorated and in good condition
    • Making good any damage to the property (including the garden , the building itself and any fixtures and fittings) caused by you, your family, your visitors, your pets or your appliances
    • Installing appliances such as cookers and washing machines and repairing damage caused to other residents’ property as a result of leaks from your washing machine, shower and so on
    • Using power breakers for electrical tools, lawnmowers and hedge trimmers
    • Clearing rubbish from your home or garden
    • Replacing broken glass in doors and windows
    • Adapting doors when carpets are fitted
    • Moving kitchen units to fit larger appliances (for example fridge/freezers and cookers)
    • Garden sheds
    • Cleaning windows (unless you pay a service charge for this)
  • We may be responsible for...

    Outside the property

    • Gutters and down pipes
    • Roofs, chimney stacks, flues and walls
    • Windows (frames, sills, catches and cords but not usually glass)
    • Built-on garages and stores
    • Paths, steps, boundary walls and fences
    • Decorating outside (assessed every five years)

    Inside the block:

    • Electrical wiring, including sockets, switches, main fuses and circuit breakers
    • Shared Areas (entrances, shared staircases and hallways)
    • Lifts
    • Fire Alarms
    • Entry Phones
    • Floors, ceilings and walls (not residents own floor covering)
    • Shared TV aerials

If you are a leaseholder we are responsible for:

  • The pipe supplying the mains water, from the relevant water company’s stopcock outside the block, up to and including the main stopcock
  • Gas pipes within the block, up to but not including the gas meter
  • Wiring for any communal T.V. aerial within the block of flats, up to and including the aerial socket

Although we may own the structure of the building in which you live, you as the leaseholder will be responsible for the parts of the dwelling that are not classed as communal or shared area. These include:

  • Individual heating systems and appliances
  • Internal ceilings
  • Internal doors
  • All plaster and other surfaces to all floors, walls and ceilings within your home
  • All plumbing and electrical services in your home
  • Internal decorations
  • Individual gardens
  • Door fixtures and fittings
  • Glass in windows
  • Text size