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Being a home owner (a leaseholder)

If you are a leaseholder or someone who part-owns their home, you have the security of knowing you can live in your property for many years. Our leases are long-term, often for 99 or 125 years. If PA Housing is your freeholder, we own and look after the parts of your building everyone uses, plus your outside walls and roof. 

About your lease

Your lease is the legal agreement between you and us.

It tells you – in detail – about your rights and responsibilities as the leaseholder and our rights and responsibilities as the freeholder or head lessee. If you need a copy of your lease, just get in touch and we will send you one.

Rights and responsibilities

We both have rights and responsibilities.

What it means for us

As the freeholder of your home, we will:

  • make sure we maintain and look after the parts of your building that everyone uses – areas like your entrance hall and staircase, as well as your outside walls and roof*
  • insure the building you live in at the most cost-effective rate (with everyone who lives there sharing the cost)
  • collect a yearly service charge, maintenance fees and any other fees to make sure your building and area are well-maintained and in good condition.

* Sometimes a managing agent may be responsible for the communal, internal and external services to your building. If you are experiencing any difficulties or have concerns, please get in touch.

What it means for you

You look after everything inside your property. If you're the leaseholder, you will need to:

  • Contribute towards its maintenance by paying a yearly service charge and your share of the buildings insurance
  • Pay rent if you don't fully own your home
  • Get our permission if you want to do something significant to your property (like knock down a wall)
  • If you want to keep a pet, you will need to get permission too
  • Let us know if you plan to sell your home - or sublet it
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