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Thames View House Preschool

Some of you may or may not know that we have a pre-school based in the community room at Thames View House (Walton) that is free for 2, 3 and 4 year olds. 

This pre-school is a business run by a local resident, Samantha Ireland, which has been match-funded by both PA Housing and the local authority:

We’re pleased to report that the first year has been a great success!  The preschool is doing very well and there are 15 children signed up who are from families living at Thames View House, Thames Mead and the local area.  

The transformation to the community room has been incredible where improvements have been made to both the indoor and outdoor space, including planting a fruit tree donated by the Resident Council. 

We’ve also connected the pre-school with Terrace Road allotment so that curriculum-based outdoor learning can take place (and the parents can get involved) from September onwards. 

 We're looking forward to having many more years of this partnership work where we’re sharing a great community asset and providing support for a much needed service.


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