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Social value

When we talk about social value, what does it really mean to our residents and staff? 

Social value is about the wellbeing of people and places.  Our community investment strategy explains social value as employment, financial inclusion, health, young people and social groups.

Social value can also be about: housing - building, maintaining and refurbishing them; the local environment and services; procurement – contractors and the supply chain.

But, equally important, it’s about the value we don’t always see.  PA Housing residents create social value in their everyday lives – whether it’s where you live, work, study or socialise.

Many residents who volunteer with us, for example, have told us that doing this helps with their confidence, their sense of achievement and relieving them from anxiety and depression.  As well as sharing and improving their skills and knowledge, it also encourages them to speak to their neighbours and feel they belong to their neighbourhood.

PA Housing residents involved in improving their green spaces have said that this activity helps with their confidence, health, learning new things and sense of achievement:

“I've recently discovered a real passion for gardening and it helps to distract me from many medical disabilities I have.”
Cobham resident
“I don't just love gardening, I like to see the different developments of nature and all growing plants.”
Hampton resident
“Meeting people and having fun and to see different way[s] people garden.”
Hersham resident
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