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Resident Watch

Members of Resident Watch work with us to make sure the cleaning and grounds maintenance where they live is as good as it should be. They work closely with our Neighbourhood Coordinators and help to highlight any issues. This means we get to hear about any problems they find straight away and can try to get them resolved as quickly as possible.


To help our Resident Watch members inspect their areas they have a checklist of things to look at. Any feedback they have can then be sent straight to us by post, email or popping into our office. We also make sure they have everything they need to carry out their inspections.

Resident Watch members also meet their Neighbourhood Coordinator / Senior Estate Services Officer regularly on site. This gives them a chance to walk around the area together and highlight any problems or have a chat about any improvements that could be made.

Why become a member of Resident Watch?

  • Help to keep the area you live in clean and tidy
  • It’s your chance to help us improve the area where you live
  • Help us to monitor the standard of our cleaning and grounds maintenance


Any of our residents can become a member of Resident Watch. You just need to be enthusiastic about making a difference to the area you live in. 

What training will you get?

All of Resident Watch members will get full training from our Senior Estate Services Officer. They also receive a welcome pack to make sure they have everything they need to carry out their inspections.  

What do you do if you want to become a member?

If you want to become a Resident Watch member please contact the Customer Advice Team on 0300 123 2221 (Option 2). You can also email us at

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