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Swapping Homes

For many tenants only way of moving from one property to another, is to find another tenant to swap with. This is called a mutual exchange. You have the right to exchange, provided you and your exchange partner get permission from us.

We hold mutual exchange events, so keep an eye out in our event listings for forthcoming opportunities to meet new exchange partners.

The best way of swapping your home is to register on HomeSwapper. HomeSwapper is the UK's largest service helping people swap homes and in the past year has helped over 25,000 tenants move home. PA Housing is a registered partner of Homeswapper, so it is free for our residents. There are other sites offering similar matching services.

How it works:

  • Register online at
  • HomeSwapper automatically matches you to any potential swaps.
  • HomeSwapper email or SMS text you with details of those matches.                         
  • You use that information and find your home.


Please click on the button below and take a look at Homeswappers top 10 tips for a successful swap. 

      Top 10 Tips

It is possible that we may refuse your application to swap homes. This may be because:

  • legal proceedings have started on either party on the grounds of rent arrears or some other breach of the tenancy agreement
  • the property is unsuitable for your needs
  • one of the properties is tied accommodation or is part of a building that is used for something other than housing purposes, or
  • one of the landlords is a charity and the proposed tenant's occupation of the house would conflict with the charity's purpose.


If you or your exchange partner has outstanding rent arrears, or you owe your landlord money for some other reason, such as repairs, court costs, or poor arrears from a previous tenancy, we will only give our approval if you clear the debt first.

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