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Key worker accommodation

Keyworkers are public sector employees who provide a vital front-line service in areas of health, education and community safety.  There is a whole host of other professions that are classed as key workers. A key worker is essentially anyone that works in the public sector.

If you are a key worker looking for discounted rental accommodation, you must be registered with Search Moves and have completed our Employee Verification form before we are able to make any offers of accommodation.

Please see below for further eligibility information and details on how to apply.

  • Who is eligible for Key worker accommodation?
    • NHS staff (excluding doctors, dentists and administrative staff)
    • Teachers with Qualified Teacher Status or Further Education Teachers’ Qualifications (in schools, further education and sixth form colleges)
    • Police officers and some civilian staff in certain police forces
    • Prison service and probation service staff
    • Ministry of Defence staff
    • Local Authority workers such as social workers, educational psychologists, planners (in London), occupational therapists, and others
    • Members of the fire and rescue service



  • Apply for key worker accommodation

    Search Moves is the principle way in which rented social housing in Elmbridge and Spelthorne boroughs is allocated to housing register applicants. It is also how PA Housing allocates properties available to its transfer applicants across the wider Surrey / SW London area

    You will also need to complete and submit our Employee Verification Form.

    Forms can be returned via post at the below address or emailed to (Please use Key Worker Enquiry in the subject header and ensure you provide your name, address and a daytime contact telephone number.)                         

    To receive copies of these forms by post call us on 0300 123 2221.

    Once we receive the completed Employee Verification Form, and your Search Move application has been assessed,  you will receive confirmation and we have we will take steps to verify your Key Worker employment and to give consideration to offering suitable accommodation. 

    You may also want to seek other sources of affordable housing by contacting the Citizens advice bureau or your local authority below.


      Citizens advice bureau       Find local authority 


 Step 1  - Complete Search Moves online application.


Search Moves Application     



Step 2 - Complete the Employee form and send back to PA housing using the listed options above.   


                         Complete Employee Form                                                         



Step 3- Once we receive the completed Employee Verification form, we will take steps to verify your key worker employment.

Step 4- Once your Search Move application and Employee verification form have both been received it may take up to 14 days to be verified and set to live. Once your application has been made live you will receive confirmation either by post or by email depending on what form of communication you selected.  

Step 5- You will then be notified of any key worker properties that become available that match your housing needs, properties are advertised for a period of 5 to 7 days, all bids that are received are placed onto a shortlist in priority order from your registration date (this is usually your application submission date). 

Please find below our available properties where you can then express your interest directly with Search Moves. 

           Available Properties                                          Search Moves Login


Contact us:

Telephone: 0300 123 2221

Email us here

(Please use Key Worker Enquiry in the subject header and ensure you provide your name, address and a daytime contact telephone number.)           

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