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What is shared ownership?

Shared ownership is a way of part-owning and part-renting a property. It is designed for people who simply can’t afford to buy a home outright. Because you buy a share, the deposit you need for a mortgage is lower than if you were to buy the full amount.

With shared ownership, you can buy a share, between 25% and 75% of the market value of your property, with a mortgage. You pay rent to us on the remaining share of the property.

Shared ownership properties are leasehold properties, meaning you will own the lease, for a fixed period of time. You also have to pay a service charge for the property, which is usually charged on a monthly basis.

Shared ownership is a government-funded low-cost home ownership (LCHO) initiative which is aimed at helping people take that first step into home ownership.

Why is it called shared ownership?

Ownership of the property is shared between you and the registered provider (RP). The RP keeps the remaining percentage share in the property that you have not bought. You may buy your share with a partner, but sub-letting is not allowed under the terms of the lease.

How do I get started?

Read through the useful information on on our website and take a look at our sales site to see if we currently have any homes you might be interested in. For more information get in touch and have a chat with a member of our Sales team.

What is Shared Ownership Guide

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