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Other pet issues

While many dog owners do dispose of there pets waste responsibly, dog fouling can still blight some neighbourhoods and it is a dog owners responsibility to clear up after their pets in their own gardens, communal gardens, public areas and parks etc.

Dog owners can be given an on-the-spot fine by the local council if they do not clear up after their dog. The amount varies and can be as much as £80. 

Try speaking to your neighbour to make them aware of their responsibility. If you have tried speaking to them or do not feel able to, you can fill out our online general reporting form.  Once we receive your report, we will make contact with your neighbour.

General reporting form      

If the offence took place in a public area such as a pavement or park, please contact the local authority who will make contact with your neighbour and possibly issue a fine if you are able to provide them with sufficient evidence.

Find your Local Authority

You may wish to report other pet issues that are causing a nuisance.

  • If you believe that an individual is keeping a pet but should not be, try speaking to them first.
  • If you have tried speaking to them or do not feel able to, you can make a report.
  • In some instances, a customer may be given permission to keep a pet, but each instance will be investigated.


If you have concerns about the welfare of a pet, you should contact the RSPCA either by visiting online or by calling on 0300 123 4999.

 RSPCA Website

You can also visit the Government UK website for further information.

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