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Loud music or noise

We want everyone to enjoy living in their home and would ask that residents are both considerate and tolerant.  Loud noise and music would only be considered antisocial behaviour if the noise is persistent.


  • 'Persistent Noise Nuisance' means the disturbance lasts for continuous periods of over 30 minutes a day for at least 5 days within one week.
  • ‘Night-time’ – after 11 pm and before 7 am


We suggest you have a friendly word with your neighbour because they may not be aware they are causing a disturbance.  You could try using our 'Dear Neighbourhood' card.

Dear Neighbourhood card

If you still feel you are being disturbed, we suggest you contact the local Environmental Health Officer, which is run by your local authority.

Find your Local Authority

Should the council take enforcement action, we will use this as evidence if appropriate.

If you want to report persistent noise, please complete our incident diary sheets with dates and times of the incidents. Use our online form to let us know about the situation. You can attach your completed incident diary sheets when you make your report.

You should also complete the diary sheets below if the behaviour is persistent during the day or during the night-time, and you do not feel safe approaching your neighbour, or you have tried and the situation has not improved.

Diary sheets

The diary sheets can be used as evidence by PA Housing or by the Environmental Health Noise teams. A further way of gaining evidence of a noise nuisance is to use ‘The Noise App’.  To find more about this app, please visit the website below.

The Noise App Website

It should be noted that if the neighbour who is creating the noise nuisance is not a PA Housing customer then we will have no authority to act against them.

If the situation has not improved, mediation might help. It’s an informal, confidential and independent service available to help neighbours sort out their differences and reach an agreement. They can help you and your neighbours understand each other’s point of view and reach a solution. 

If you need support to deal with the ASB, you can phone the national Victim Support line on 08 08 16 89 111 or if you would prefer to email or to speak to a regional team, details can be found on the Victim Support website below.

Victim Support website

For more specific advice regarding noise nuisance please visit the ASB Help website below.

ASB Help Website


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