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Fly tipping

If you see items you believe have been fly-tipped, start by speaking to your neighbours to check if the things are theirs and if they have plans to clear up. 

If no one knows who owns the items you can take the following action. 

  • If the item is not on our land, please contact the local authority who will arrange to remove it. You can find out who your local authority is at
  • If the items are on PA Housing land, please complete our general online reporting form and attach a photo if possible. We will arrange to get the items removed but it might take up to two weeks.
  • If you live in a neighbourhood managed by another agent or housing provider, you will need to contact that company.  Contact details will be on signs in your neighbourhood.
  • If you are unsure whether a piece of land or road belongs to or is managed by PA Housing, then please contact us and we will help.


Please note: litter removal is included in your service charge, so any increase in fly-tipping will lead to increased cost to the customers.

If we know who is responsible we can charge them the cost of removal.  If you have any evidence of the identity of those who are fly tipping then please complete our online reporting form and attach a photo if possible.

Find your local authority     ASB form

Please report any fly tipping that you believe is happening right now straight to the police.  If possible, try and obtain the registration and description of the vehicle that is fly tipping.  You can call the police on 999, otherwise call, 101.

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