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Abandoned cars

Abandoned vehicles degrade streets and can become targets for antisocial behaviour or arson. It is a criminal offence to abandon a motor vehicle on a public road or on land in the open air.

How do you identify an abandoned vechicle?

There isn't an exact definition of what is an abandoned vehicle. But if you notice a vehicle that is in a public place and you're concerned it is abandoned, you can look for certain signs. 

Abandoned vehicle checks: 

  • has the vehicle been stationary for a long time
  • is it damaged or vandalised
  • is it run down or unroadworthy with flat tyres, wheels removed or broken windows
  • is it burnt out
  • is it missing  one or both registration (number) plates
  • Does it contains waste

How do I report an abandoned vechicle?

If you have seen what you believe is an abandoned vehicle, please speak to your neighbours to see if they know who owns it.  If no-one knows, make a note of the registration number and make of the car.

If the vehicle is on PA Housing land - including roads, verges, and car parks - please complete our general reporting form and attach a photo if possible. 

General reporting form

You can also check with the DVLA directly online below to find out more information on the vehicle.

DVLA vehicle check 

We will also contact DVLA and if there is a registered keeper we will try to contact them. If not, we will arrange for the vehicle to be removed.  Please note that this involves various legal processes and can take a lengthy amount of time to resolve.

If the vehicle is on a public road, please contact the local authority.

 Find your Local Authority

If you live in a neighbourhood that is managed by another agent or housing provider, you will need to contact that company. Contact details will be on signs in your neighbourhood.

If you believe the vehicle is stolen, please contact the police.  You can call the police on 999. Otherwise, call 101.

If we do not remove a vehicle, we may not be able to tell you the reason why due to privacy needs of another customer.

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