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Paragon Asra Housing Ltd

Paragon and Asra have recently joined together to form Paragon Asra Housing Ltd (PA Housing). PA Housing is a leading provider of housing for people and communities across central and southern England. We support more than 50,000 customers who live in more than 24,000 homes.

Repairs and maintenance

We understand that sometimes accidents happen, things break or need fixing. We want to work with you to ensure that your home is in good working order. Our team are committed to responding quickly and efficiently to your repair requests.

  • Report a repair

    If you need to report a repair, there are several ways you can contact us.
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  • Our repairs service

    If you have a problem our repairs team will work to deliver a fast, high-quality fix for you.
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  • Grounds maintenance

    Check to see when grounds maintenance work in your area will be completed by our contractor.
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  • Handyperson service

    We offer a handyperson service to help our more vulnerable residents with small jobs around the home.
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  • Troublesome trees

    Worried about a safe or unstable looking tree in your area? Check it's status or report it to us!
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  • Disabled adaptations

    If you or members of your family have a disability we may be able to adapt your home to make it more suitable for your needs.
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  • Improvements to homes

    We have a planned maintenance team who are responsible for planning the improvements to your home.
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  • Property MOT

    Residents are now entitled to a free property MOT, every three years.
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  • The Building Services team

    The job of the Building Services team is to keep you safe in your home.
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