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Paragon Asra Housing Ltd

Paragon and Asra have recently joined together to form Paragon Asra Housing Ltd (PA Housing). PA Housing is a leading provider of housing for people and communities across central and southern England. We support more than 50,000 customers who live in more than 24,000 homes.

Swap homes

We only carry out a very small number of transfers each year, and there are many more people looking for transfers than there are properties available.

Typically, you might only be successful with a transfer if:

  • you are facing harassment or domestic violence
  • you need to move for medical reasons
  • your home is much too small, or too large, or
  • your home is deemed by us to need major repair work.

If any of the above apply to you, and you want to move within the areas in which we have properties, you may qualify to go on our transfer list provided that:

  • you have lived in your present home for 12 months
  • you have a clear rent account, and
  • you have no other serious breaches of your tenancy conditions.

If you have a current Notice to Seek Possession, court order or other similar legal action in place, we will not accept your transfer application. If you are on the transfer list and receive a notice or order, we will cancel your application.

If you would like to be considered for a transfer you will need to apply on-line. For residents either living in, working in, or with immediate family in Elmbridge or Spelthorne boroughs, please visit SearchMoves. For residents outside these boroughs please register on HomeKey via the link on the HomeSwapper website. Both systems offer Choice Based lettings where any properties available will be advertised.

You must register your interest by 'bidding' on the property. Please phone the Customer Advice team on 0300 123 2221 if you require assistance to do this. You are able to use the computers in our office reception if you do not have access to the internet at home, or via friends and family.

Moving to a smaller home

If you are looking to move to a smaller home and you are a PA Housing tenant living in Elmbridge Borough you may be eligible for the 'Perfect fit' scheme'. This scheme is a joint initiative between PA Housing and Elmbridge Borough Council.

The aim of the scheme is to free up larger-sized homes for families looking for accommodation in the borough by downsizing residents with more bedrooms than they need to a smaller, more suitable home within the area.

We will provide a financial incentive of up to £4000 to help eligible residents with the costs associated. For more information, download our leaflet or phone our Housing Moves Co-ordinator on 0300 123 2221.

If you are looking to move to a smaller home and you are a PA Housing tenant living elsewhere?

Phone our Housing Moves Co-ordinator on 0300 123 2221 to find out what available incentives there may be to move to a smaller home within your borough, or assistance to find a mutual exchange.

Swapping homes

For many tenants the best way of finding a more suitable home, or moving from one area to another, is to find another tenant to swap with. This is called a mutual exchange. You have the right to exchange, provided you and your exchange partner get permission from us.

We hold mutual exchange events, so keep an eye out in our event listings for forthcoming opportunities to meet new exchange partners.

The best way of swapping your home is to register on HomeSwapper. HomeSwapper is the UK's largest service helping people swap homes and in the past year has helped over 25,000 tenants move home. PA Housing is a registered partner of Homeswapper, so it is free for our residents. There are other sites offering similar matching services.

How it works

  • Register online at
  • HomeSwapper automatically match you to any potential swaps.
  • HomeSwapper email or SMS text you with details of those matches.
  • You use that information and find your home.

It is possible that we may refuse your application to swap homes. This may be because:

  • legal proceedings have started on either party on the grounds of rent arrears or some other breach of the tenancy agreement
  • the property is unsuitable for your needs
  • one of the properties is tied accommodation or is part of a building that is used for something other than housing purposes, or
  • one of the landlords is a charity and the proposed tenant's occupation of the house would conflict with the charity's purpose.

If you or your exchange partner has outstanding rent arrears, or you owe your landlord money for some other reason, such as repairs, court costs, or poor arrears from a previous tenancy, we will only give our approval if you clear the debt first.

Documents for download

Perfect Fit - Helping you move to a smaller home

Perfect Fit - Helping you move to a smaller home

(PDF, 570kB)

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