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Paragon Asra Housing Ltd

Paragon and Asra have recently joined together to form Paragon Asra Housing Ltd (PA Housing). PA Housing is a leading provider of housing for people and communities across central and southern England. We support more than 50,000 customers who live in more than 24,000 homes.

Buy a shared ownership home

PA Housing build stunning and affordable shared-ownership homes in Surrey, Richmond, Kingston and Wandsworth. Every year we help people get onto the property ladder, and buy a home they love.

View our shared ownership properties

  • What is shared ownership?

    Discover the benefits of shared ownership, the costs involved and the fantastic properties we offer.
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  • The cost of buying

    Learn about the costs involved with buying a shared-ownership home and other factors you should budget for.
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  • How to apply

    Find out the criteria you must meet and the steps involved in applying for a shared ownership home.
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  • Jargon buster

    Here is an explanation of some of the key terms that you might come across when looking to buy a shared ownership property.
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